Monday, April 18, 2011

Good news!

So I applied for Medical and Food assistance and got both! They didn't even make me go down for an appointment; I guess because I have no income and because I'm pregnant, they did the interview over the phone. We took down my ID and stuff though, and so as soon as she gets that in the system she'll be sending out my medical card and food stamps. The medical card is great though; it covers all prenatal visits, blood work, the birth of the baby, and then once the baby's born it will be covered too. So yay! As soon as that gets here I'll be going to the doctor; according to everything online and in the books, they should be able to find the heartbeat as of now, so maybe we'll get to hear it!!

Eric applied for this job that he'll most likely get today; idk what the pay is like, but he'll probably start in May I think. It's working for this racetrack just doing odd jobs I think, but we heard that they need people so bad that just about anyone who applies gets it, so that's great. :)

Also, we went to the thrift store yesterday and got a couple of cute outfits, including a little Steelers onesie. So cute!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

(almost) Everyone knows; it's definitely official

Since telling my mom, we've told everyone now except my sister. I don't want to tell her online, so I'm trying to figure out when and how to tell her. My dad took it well; he said "How did that happen?" and then he paused, thought about it, and said, "Well, I know how it happened!" :) Eric's dad took it well too; his mom was just mad that she wasn't the first person we told. His Gradma was very happy, especially when we told her what we'll be naming it if it's a girl. (You'll find out eventually. Be patient.)

So told I went to planned parenthood to get an "official" pregnancy test, so that when JFS gets me in for an appt I can give them something to prove it. If they don't call by next Tuesday or Wednesday though, we're going to go down there. The only reason I didn't just drive down is because it's kinda far-ish away and I didn't want to waste the gas if they couldn't see me the day I was there. Anyway, did the whole pee in a cup thing... which, frankly, is a LOT harder than it sounds when you have to pee really really bad. Afterwards, I got to talk to a really really nice LPN who gave me a bit of info, including estimated due date. According to two different web sites it's 12/9, according to her it's the 8th.... either way, early December is the due date.

As of right now, I'm at 6 weeks. Here's what webmd says about week six:

The embryo is starting to look like a tadpole. It's about 0.08 inches to 0.16 inches -- the size of a BB pellet -- from the top of the head to buttocks. (This crown-to-rump length is used more often than crown-to-heel length because the baby's legs are most often bent and hard to measure). The eyes and limb buds also are forming. A heartbeat can sometimes be detected by an ultrasound around now.

Ok, now to tell my sister, and then, the world (aka Facebook).

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And now mom knows

So I told my mom earlier. She took it well, mostly. For a few minutes she was seeming to be a little freaked, but then she called me downstairs later and told me that she supported me, and was giving me a little advice, and she seemed a little happy. I guess a little happy is better than no happy at all.

Also I realized something today: Financially we're not ready for this, but here's the deal. I no longer really believe in the Christian God that so many do, and that I grew up believing in. Now I find myself believing there is a God, and whatever else he does, he would not let me get pregnant if things we're going to fall into place. I really believe that this will all work out. Eric has some good leads on job, including one that if he can get it offers 22 dollars an hour. And my mom is planning on helping with gas at first, so... it will work out.

Next on the agenda, telling my dad and sister. I'm pretty sure my dad will be fine with it, if a little overwhelmed. My sister... maybe, maybe not. Sometimes she can be a little pushy; by that I mean, she has a way she sees the world and if everyone doesn't fit into that view of the world, she can sometimes think they're wrong. She'll still support me, I'm sure, but that doesn't mean she'll be nice about it. She also thinks that she needs to be tough on me; she thinks that will make me change into her way of doing things, I think. I like her view on life, it's great; but it's not the way the world works for everyone. So I'm hoping that she doesn't stress me out too much; but if she does, oh well - that's what I have Eric for, right?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

When to tell my family?

So, I have no problems telling my friends and starting a public blog, but I'm so freaked out to tell my family. I'm mostly just afraid they're going to freak out and stress me out about stuff. I would really love to stay as far from stressed out as I can. Thoughts, suggestions?

Plus, everyone says not to tell a lot of people at first because of risk of miscarriage... is that a smart thought, or should I just tell them soon?

In the meantime, eating healthy isn't as much of a challenge as I thought; it turns out, a lot of my favorite foods and stuff I already eat are good for me. I do think that my mom will figure it out soon though; I keep turning down offers of caffeine, and at the rate I used to drink caffeine before, it's probably really obvious.

I applied for medical help through job and family services; hopefully they respond soon; I have no idea how long this process takes, but I need to get in to see a doctor soon, and I'd love to do it without having to take out a loan or rob a bank or something. :) The sooner I get to the doctor, the sooner I can share with everyone the due date and start really planning!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

And that second little blue line means...

We're having a baby!!!!

Why another pregnancy blog?

The reasons for making this blog are twofold; first, I want to give my family and friends a place to see what's going on with me and my family as we start this amazing journey; secondly, I wanted to leave a kind of journal for my child to look back on when he or she is older, and see what we went through.

As I write this today, I'm not even sure if I am pregnant or not. What I am sure of is that I'm completely broke, and finding a job in this day and age is next to impossible. I'm also sure that whether I'm pregnant now or not, I am the happiest I have ever been in my life, poor or not. If I'm not pregnant, don't worry... I still plan on keeping this blog going. I need to jump start my writing creativity anyway, and it will be great to have an outlet for it, even if it doesn't take much creativity to write about my own life.

So where did this journey begin? I guess it started last August... I met Eric, the man of my dreams. We didn't get to be high school sweethearts, and we didn't go on a blind date that was set up by our friends; this is, after all, the age of technology, meaning we met online. I always thought that online dating sites were fun to look at and think about, but seriously, it's not like anyone would ever REALLY meet their soul mate there. I was proved wrong. Since I met him, everything in the world makes sense.

Today, even though neither of us currently has a job, we're scraping by. Eric is donating plasma so we can have gas money and pay our basic bills. We're living with my parents, which has serious downfalls, but at least we have a roof over our heads. I know, in the event of us not having the money for our own place, that they won't (hopefully...) kick us out to live on the streets with a baby.

So what this blog is really about is how to grow a baby for the first time, trying to do it while trying to find a job, and how we get from here to there - the place of our own with enough money to feed ourselves and a little miracle.

So, time for a little bit about the actual possible pregnancy. Warning: it might get a little bit TMI here. If the miracle child is a boy and he's reading this in the future, he may choose to stop reading now. I'm officially, if judging from my normal cycle, which is exactly 28 days, one week late. Which isn't much to be thinking I'm pregnant under normal circumstances, I know. But, since coming off of the pill (when I no longer had the money to pay for it...) my periods have been every 21 days, 3 weeks. Which makes me exactly TWO weeks late. And I've been off the pill since November... that's 5 months of constantly being every 3 weeks. So I'm thinking at 2 weeks late, it's time to take a pill. I've had late periods in the past, but not for almost 18 months, and not since coming off the pill. Oh, and did I mention, last month my period was extremely quick and light... just a little heavier than say, spotting. Could it be that I was pregnant last month but just experiencing spotting, as I've read can happen?

On top of that, I'm extremely fatigued, with the worst headache I've had, possibly ever, which I've read could happen to some women in their first trimester. Also, I've had a little bit of moodiness toward Eric... normally my moodiness isn't enough to even touch him, I try exceptionally hard not to be moody with him. And though it's a bit early, I've been having food cravings and aversions... there are some other things too, that are WAY too TMI... all adding up to Eric bringing home a pregnancy test later.

If it's positive, then this will be the journey through pregnancy. If it's negative, then it will be a journey through life, getting pregnant, and planning a family. Will update with results!