Sunday, May 1, 2011

First Ultrasound and lots of stuff

Ok, after much anticipation and excitement on our part, here is the little peanut!

The official due date is now December 15th, which puts me at 7 weeks, 1 day in the ultrasound (7 weeks, 3 days, as of today). I LOVE my doctor and the nurses, they were all so nice to us. I'm very happy with my choice in the doctor's office. In the appointment, my blood pressure was a little up, so they're going to be watching me closely, but other than that, everything was great.

The appointment was Friday, the 29th. On Saturday, we went to a couple of yard sales and got some pretty cool stuff, including some clothes, and a wipe warmer that was only one dollar. Then we went to my sister's house, where we hit the jackpot! She still had her stroller and car seat, which attach to each other, along with two front facing car seats, a regular booster, and a regular booster that has a detachable base. So we're set on those. She also gave us a baby monitor set, a nursing pillow, a ton of maternity clothes and some baby clothes. Most of her clothes are 18 months to 4t, so we didn't take much. She had an entire box of bottles... basically, we just hit the baby stuff jackpot over there. We took some of it, and the rest they're going to go through and give us whatever out of it, so that's awesome. I feel like we've already got half of the stuff we need! :) So, thanks Aunt Becky!

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