Monday, April 18, 2011

Good news!

So I applied for Medical and Food assistance and got both! They didn't even make me go down for an appointment; I guess because I have no income and because I'm pregnant, they did the interview over the phone. We took down my ID and stuff though, and so as soon as she gets that in the system she'll be sending out my medical card and food stamps. The medical card is great though; it covers all prenatal visits, blood work, the birth of the baby, and then once the baby's born it will be covered too. So yay! As soon as that gets here I'll be going to the doctor; according to everything online and in the books, they should be able to find the heartbeat as of now, so maybe we'll get to hear it!!

Eric applied for this job that he'll most likely get today; idk what the pay is like, but he'll probably start in May I think. It's working for this racetrack just doing odd jobs I think, but we heard that they need people so bad that just about anyone who applies gets it, so that's great. :)

Also, we went to the thrift store yesterday and got a couple of cute outfits, including a little Steelers onesie. So cute!!

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