Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And now mom knows

So I told my mom earlier. She took it well, mostly. For a few minutes she was seeming to be a little freaked, but then she called me downstairs later and told me that she supported me, and was giving me a little advice, and she seemed a little happy. I guess a little happy is better than no happy at all.

Also I realized something today: Financially we're not ready for this, but here's the deal. I no longer really believe in the Christian God that so many do, and that I grew up believing in. Now I find myself believing there is a God, and whatever else he does, he would not let me get pregnant if things we're going to fall into place. I really believe that this will all work out. Eric has some good leads on job, including one that if he can get it offers 22 dollars an hour. And my mom is planning on helping with gas at first, so... it will work out.

Next on the agenda, telling my dad and sister. I'm pretty sure my dad will be fine with it, if a little overwhelmed. My sister... maybe, maybe not. Sometimes she can be a little pushy; by that I mean, she has a way she sees the world and if everyone doesn't fit into that view of the world, she can sometimes think they're wrong. She'll still support me, I'm sure, but that doesn't mean she'll be nice about it. She also thinks that she needs to be tough on me; she thinks that will make me change into her way of doing things, I think. I like her view on life, it's great; but it's not the way the world works for everyone. So I'm hoping that she doesn't stress me out too much; but if she does, oh well - that's what I have Eric for, right?

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